Smart CoP: Quick Tutorial :muscle:

Smart CoP: Quick Tutorial :muscle:

Creating an exercise

To calculate the difficulty of an exercise, all elements must be added. Also, the fulfilled requirements can be selected.

Adding elements

Elements can be added by clicking the plus icon and selecting the element.

Element addition

A dismount can be added using the “Select dismount” button..

Deleting elements

Elements can be removed by swiping to the left and clicking on the delete icon that appears.

Element deletion

A dismount can be removed like an element.

Rearranging elements

Elements can be rearranged using drag & drop.

Element rearrangement

Export/Import of exercises

Exercises can be exported and imported using the three dots next to the icon of the current device.


The export of an exercise creates a PDF file that shows the calculation in detail. Import einer Übung


Exported exercises can be transferred to other devices and imported into the app, for example, to make changes.

Import of an exercise

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